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Taking Care of Your Data – for You and for Others – for the Sciences

ITS/Research Services and the Libraries will provide a critical overview of “best practices” for research data management, including development of “data management plans”.  Funders and journal publishers are increasingly requiring submission of  these plans incorporating all of these practices, along with placing greater emphasis on sharing and long-term preservation of research data.   You’ll learn how to safe-guard your data through recommended practices for naming, file format choice, file organization, storage, backup and documentation, as well as information about valuable university data analysis and  support services. You’ll learn about options for long-term archiving of your data and data sharing, including discovery of quality data repositories in the various scientific disciplines and creation of metadata to enhance discovery of that data.  You’ll also learn how to cite your data/data sets, further enhancing the discoverability and impact of your work. Special guest speaker Barry Schaudt, Director, Research Services & Faculty Liaison, Research Services, IT.



Date: Thursday, July 18, 2013
Time: 10:00am - 11:30am
Location: O'Neill Library 307
Campus: Chestnut Hill Campus
Presenter: Sally Wyman, Librarian; Enid Karr, Librarian; Barbara Mento; Librarian
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